Driving transformation forward, together


There are times when you are about to embark on a major transformative programme and you need a team you can trust at the heart of shaping and driving that programme.

Our Core proposition is designed specifically to meet this need.

Driving transformation forward

We have carefully constructed Core teams that are curated and designed to function coherently to drive your transformation forward.

Our Core teams are structured to match the typical cycle of large programmes with a Scout, Foundation and Impact teams.


A best 11 not the 11 best

What we see again and again are teams that are put together as a patchwork quilt of individual experts, employees, consultants and associates and yet it never quite gels. The overhead of bringing it together more than erodes the benefits the individual expertise might bring.


Core Scout

An small Core team to work with you on the initiation phase deploying a series of standard discovery tools to cover technology, team, principles, landscape, scope and outcomes

Core Foundation

A growing Core team to configure and establish the foundational elements for the transformation programme, typically over two sprints, with a focus on tooling, artefacts, decision frameworks, canvases, dashboards, etc.


Core Impact

A full Core team focused on delivering your key outcomes for your transformation with built in instrumentation and reviews, delivering outcomes, setting out transition states, managing heatmaps and navigating the critical path.

If you have an ambitious change agenda, and you need a team that you can trust, then this could be the perfect solution for you.

We work with FTSE 250 leaders and beyond

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