Our Team

Trusted relationships are at the heart of everything that we do and our people are at the core of that.


The leading enterprise architecture consultancy, made up of passionate individuals, forming cohesive teams to activate large scale transformation programmes; simplify complex technology problems and bring client ambitions to life.


Andrew Frith

Principal Architect


Peter Gibbs

Chief Operating Officer


Shaun Heal

Principal Consultant


Suzanne Burns

Human Resources Lead


Phil Williams

Principal Consultant


Neil Mulholland

Chief Executive


David Taylor

Co Founder


Prakash Sethuraman


How we work as a team

Our people see themselves as an excellent, intelligent, delivery focused peer group. Enterprise Blueprints is considered a place of potential to make a real difference to clients. We are shapers and influencers and we are all prepared to stand out from the crowd in demonstrating true value in the architecture domain. We support and challenge each other on projects, always with the clients key business outcomes in mind.

Our Values

Trusted relationships, excellence and contribution have been the foundations that have underpinned our team since day one.

Trusted relationships mean we will focus on what is best for you over and above any other consideration. Excellence means we will do our best and be open to learn how to become better. Contribution drives us to help others such as our partnership with Good Things Foundation, sponsoring speakers in schools and supporting community sports teams.