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There's a way to do it better - find it

The events of 2020 have been a catalyst for the acceleration of digitisation which has seen five to ten years worth of digital evolution compressed into five to ten months. Businesses that have failed to innovate are now paying a heavy price. Does innovation play an active role at the heart of your thriving business?

Accelerating digital transformation across almost all industries is hardly breaking news. But the fundamentals are changing. The range of technologies that underpin digital transformation is rapidly diversifying in breadth and complexity. Cognitive technology, artificial intelligence, robotics, cloud, the Internet of Things, big data and analytics are just a few of the technologies that are proliferating at the leading edge of change. The common denominator underpinning all of these trends is innovation and technology.

Innovation is the lifeblood of sustained growth and value creation. The majority of the top ten most valuable companies in the world are defined by continuous innovation and reinvention, underpinned by technology. These organisations are differentiated by their ability and speed to innovate their products and services, not just ahead of market trends, but by creating those market trends. Creating extraordinary value for their customers and themselves.

As technology advances accelerate and diversify, how do you maximise the opportunities that innovation can create for your organisation?

As Thomas Edison said, “There’s a way to do it better – find it”.

Stages of Innovation Management

In our experience, most organisations follow a typical, formal or informal, process to innovation management outlined below.

Innovation Management


The maturity, or formal organisation of innovation management varies significantly from company to company. What we have seen is that many companies struggle to make the most of the innovative ideas and investments as they are not able to get beyond the idea stage, they have a poor innovation conversion rate.

Enterprise Blueprints Innovation Services

Recognising this challenge there are some specific changes you can make and we have designed a series of services to drive up your innovation conversion rate and drive value from the great ideas you already have in your organisation. The three fundamental challenges we are addressing are: –

  • Improving the maturity of the Innovation Management function and processes
  • Driving value from your innovation spend
  • Increase your innovation conversion rate

Our specific services are outlined below.

Innovation Management Effectiveness

Your challenges addressed: -

Lack of value-added innovation
High Innovation spend for demonstrable value
No clear ownership for enterprise innovation

Inno 1

Co-innovation Ideation Discovery

Your challenges addressed: -

Lack of innovative ideas
Poor backlog of innovative business product/service or customer proposition
Unexplored channels for Innovation Ideation
No outside-in view for innovative ideas

Inno 2

Innovation Capability Incubation

Your challenges addressed: -

No Innovation capability
Lack of business growth
Unsustainable business value proposition for the future
No new product, service, or customer propositions

Inno 3

Innovation Lab as a Service

Your challenges addressed: -

Limited experimentation capability
Tight Innovation budget and limited resources
Absence of dedicated Innovation team
Resistance to adapt industrialised and long delivery and governance processes for experimentation
Unstructured Innovation Management processes, governance, and methods
Risk-averse organisation culture
Lack of agile delivery productivity tools for experimentation

Inno 4

Find out more about Innovation Lab as a Service.


To drive your innovation agenda forward, to create a business advantage, then it is time to explore how Enterprise Blueprints Innovation Services can address your challenges and create value for you today. To find out more, or simply share your thoughts on innovation then please contact [email protected].

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