Enterprise and Solution Architecture

Trusted, independent advice and guidance to help you define strategic direction and create the roadmaps to take you there

Enterprise and Solution architecture is a critical capability for organisations to make sense of their complex business demands and IT estates.  Approaches such as DevOps have rapidly taken hold as businesses seek to accelerate the delivery of solutions. Even where this works well, it is crucial that there is a broader architectural view to minimise technical debt and balance the investment in digital transformation and the demands of the existing legacy estate.

It also helps maintain the confidence of regulators and other stakeholders that the increased development speed and release frequency does not compromise customer experience, information privacy or the robustness of the service. The bottom line is that there is an increasing number of competing demands that require a delicate balance to ensure success.

Enterprise Blueprints bring to our clients a select group of experienced enterprise and solution architects steeped in specific technologies and specific business domains. In particular, we have a deep knowledge of core banking, channels and payments.

Our enterprise architects and technology strategists have established a reputation for helping our clients solve some of the most challenging and gnarly problems. Often problems that others shy away from. This is not just about the ideation, this is about being with you through to the delivery of value. Getting things done.

More than a deep knowledge of technology and business, our team is renowned for the level of commitment you will experience when working with you.

We are committed to your outcomes and remain independent of any upstream, downstream or lateral interests.

Benefits of using our Enterprise Architects

Independence. Rigour. Domain Knowledge. Expertise. Commitment.



Our bank of knowledge, based on experience and held within our artefacts can help you create value more quickly whether reducing cost, creating new propositions or serving your valued customers.



It is critical that whatever we do, we do it with you. We will work with you, deeply embedded in your teams, as a trusted and committed team member, whether we have a leadership or a delivery role.



At Enterprise Blueprints we take pride in our independence. Unlike a system integrator, we have no solutions or delivery teams to 'sell' to you - we are here to offer you our best advice based on what you need. We believe that our independence creates a foundation of trust.



As well as our deep expertise and quality people we have a series of proven accelerators that we can bring to bear, where appropriate, to shorten the time it takes to get the benefits you want.



We are a flexible organisation and will adapt to your organisation and approaches. Working with you in alignment enables us to be part of your team, at the same time builds the quality of relationship to enable us to tell you the 'kind truth' when necessary.

One of the keys of successful Enterprise and Solution Architecture is the catalogue of artefacts and accelerators that when combined with the expertise and experience of the team will bring you the best value.

Over the last 12 years, we have built up a catalogue of tools and artefacts covering a series of key challenges that our clients face: –

Legacy Optimisation – in recent years a lot of the focus investment in the technology space has around digital transformation. What we have seen is that this often leads to a significant increase in legacy costs as the ‘systems of record’ are called upon to supply data to the newly forged digital ‘systems of engagement’. Our approach to legacy optimisation has seen multiple clients make direct savings, or avoid costs, in the orders of tens of millions of pounds. To find out more CLICK HERE.

Adaptive Architecture – as we move at the speed of digital, DevOps has become the norm rather than a differentiator. DevOps has many potential advantages when done well and yet there remain challenges as the focus shifts toward the product and the outcome rather than the overall enterprise. This can lead to unintended consequences (legacy costs increase, for example) and an increase in technical debt. Our approach to Adaptive Architecture helps you create and operate an Enterprise Architecture function in a fast-moving DevOps to accelerate solution development and mitigate the unintended consequences. To find out more CLICK HERE.

Data Maturity – underpinning any successful digital transformation is a coherent data strategy. The first step to understanding where you are on your data journey will be carry out a data maturity assessment. To find out more CLICK HERE.

Cloud Migration – a core part of any major IT strategy will be a plan to migrate some or all of the estate to the cloud. What does this mean? What are the true ramifications of this? What does it mean in terms of resilience, availability, security, confidentiality? We address many of these questions and more as we support our clients in their migration to the cloud. To find out more CLICK HERE.

Why Enterprise Blueprints

Enterprise Blueprints is an established consultancy, able to demonstrate benefits with flexibility and speed. We know you need to see value within weeks not months. We are based in the UK and will assign an experienced team to work with you every step of the journey, from start to successful conclusion of any engagement.

Our architects have extensive experience in the financial services industry and have the expertise to deliver to challenging timelines. We are biased towards action rather than extended discussion and our approach has consistently helped our clients deliver complex projects successfully.

Let's do great work together