Digital Experience

The digital playbook is being rewritten at breakneck speed. Between websites, apps, social media platforms and services, it can be hard to know where to focus your business’s efforts

In a world of increasing digital interconnectedness, the new powerbrokers will be those placed at the centre of these new digital ecosystems. So ask yourself these questions: Is your current technology landscape right for your business strategy? How prepared are you for disruptors such as new technological innovations, new channels, and changing regulatory requirements?

The times are changing and your business has a choice between sink and swim. In the financial sector, new challenger banks such as Metro Bank, Monzo, and Atom, are recognising that the customer experience is not set by banks, but by the likes of Amazon and Netflix, with many organisations in the financial sector lagging worryingly behind. The bar for excellent customer experience is set higher today than ever – your response to customer demand, complaints, and frustration must be to maximize satisfaction, and quickly. If you don’t recognise the need to deliver greater value for your customers, providing the latest technology in mobile banking, APIs, and open banking, then you have a problem. But when you finally take the plunge to transform your digital offering, be aware transformation isn’t a simple process.

Exhaling the art of the possible

The solution is to improve the step change in customer experience, and reach your full digital potential. Starting with a digital maturity assessment and a realistic roadmap, identifying and implementing the right digital technologies for your business is key. It’s also critical to streamline and build uniform processes across your channels to fully enhance the customer experience.

We know banking

Enterprise Blueprints knows technology, and understands banks and their systems. We know that it’s not always about asking what you would like, but explaining what IT and technology can do for you.

Process is hardwired into IT systems

Enterprise Blueprints' architects know how systems work, so they can help financial organisations address the dimensions, enabling the process to deliver real transformation.

We accelerate programs

Enterprise Blueprints' people know banks with whom they work, the legacy of their systems and how they are designed, allowing them to get up to speed quickly.

To help realise your business aims, Enterprise Blueprints engages with customers on a flexible, outcome basis, or by collaborating as part of a wider team. This process can involve:

Digital Maturity Assessment

Assessing your capability for realising your digital/channel strategy, revealing the current state of your organisation, culture, delivery methodologies, people and overall IT capability. You will receive a report detailing your organisation’s infrastructure gaps and shortfalls, with recommendations on how to address these issues. This will lay the perfect foundation for you to build your capabilities and master new digital relationships with your customers.

Channel Strategy Realisation

Defining your strategy, identifying a target state and reference architecture based on the findings of your Digital Maturity Assessment. This will outline your target application landscape, capability model, and delivery roadmap to realise your channel/digital strategy. Enterprise Blueprints will define your governance structure, metrics and key performance indicators so you can measure the success of your digital strategy and architecture implementation.

Advisory Services

Sometimes a more bespoke solution is required. Enterprise Blueprints can provide support for all aspects of the life-cycle of software design - from defining strategy, implementing roadmaps, to solution architecture.

Enterprise Blueprints is an established consultancy, able to demonstrate benefits with flexibility and speed.

We know you need to see value within weeks not months. We are based in the UK and will assign an experienced team to work with you every step of the journey, from start to successful conclusion of any engagement. Our architects have extensive experience in the financial services industry and have the expertise to deliver to challenging timelines. We are biased towards action rather than extended discussion and our approach has consistently helped our clients deliver complex projects successfully.