Cognitive Automation and Artificial Intelligence

See the wood in the trees and begin to deliver tangible benefits through the adoption of automation and artificial intelligence technologies.

Cognitive Automation and Artificial Intelligence technologies have moved from being exploratory to the mainstream. Enterprises have realised the potential of adopting Cognitive Automation and Artificial Intelligence technologies to make customer channel engagement and operational (or business) processes smarter, more efficient and cost-effective.

Where are you on your journey into the realm of Cognitive Automation and Artificial Intelligence?

Our research amongst organisations like yours suggests that investment in adoption of Cognitive Automation and Artificial Intelligence technologies is expected to continue to grow substantially in the immediate future.

There are two areas of focus that we have seen driving significant, and sometimes disruptive, transformation. Firstly, to Customer Experience and, secondly to Operational Efficiency; evolving the operations, and in some cases the business model, to the next level of maturity.

If you are exploring how to drive tangible improvement to your customer experience and operational efficiency through the adoption of the latest Automation and Artificial Intelligence now is a great time to get started. Tools, technologies and experience have started to mature and become established, so the bleeding edge risks have fallen dramatically, at the same time the strength of business case has been proven.

Achieving the promise which Cognitive Automation and Artificial Intelligence holds for your enterprise is a step-by-step journey.

With our financial services domain knowledge and deep strategy architecture expertise, Enterprise Blueprints is here to support you throughout this journey.

  • identifying the opportunity size of the Cognitive Automation and AI “prize”
  • selecting the right use cases to gain an immediate benefit,
  • designing the strategic operating and delivery models,
  • delivering proof of concepts, and
  • providing compelling run options

Cognitive Automation and Artificial Intelligence technologies are definitely business ready and maturing rapidly. Where is your business in terms of readiness? Is your approach well established, or are you still dipping your toe in the water? Where do you want your business to be?

When you are ready, let us explore together the potential Cognitive Automation & Artificial Intelligence technologies can hold for you.

To enable enterprises to take full advantage of these newer technologies Enterprise Blueprints have introduced NEW Cognitive Automation and Artificial Intelligence service offerings which provides the customer with the following services.


Business Case

Cognitive Automation and Artificial Intelligence Opportunity Assessment and Business Case



Cognitive Automation Process Assessment and Feasibility Study


Use Case

Cognitive Automation and Artificial Intelligence Use Case Selection and Delivery


Product Selection

Cognitive Automation and Artificial Intelligence Product Evaluation and Selection


Operating Model

Cognitive Automation and Artificial Intelligence Operating Model Definition and Rollout

Enterprise Blueprints recognises technology partnerships is crucial in driving speed to value for our offered services and have partnered with: –
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Enterprise Blueprints is an established consultancy, able to demonstrate benefits with flexibility and speed.

We know you need to see value within weeks not months. We are based in the UK and will assign an experienced team to work with you every step of the journey, from start to successful conclusion of any engagement. Our architects have extensive experience in the financial services industry and have the expertise to deliver to challenging timelines. We are biased towards action rather than extended discussion and our approach has consistently helped our clients deliver complex projects successfully.

Our focus on excellence is for your benefit.

Our advice is consistently being sought out thanks to our demonstrable technical and domain expertise. We are always learning on your behalf, we make it our business to have clarity in our communication of the latest technological developments, so that you can quickly establish the need and value for your organisation. Our independence means that we are able to assess clearly from your perspective the best solutions for your business objectives.

Let's do great work together