Adaptive Architecture

Architectural approach to successful DevOps

DevOps is about going faster. Faster to new ideas, faster to market, faster to realising value. Enterprise and Solution architecture is a critical capability that helps Financial services organisations make sense of their complex IT estates and help Devops teams set the architectural vision for the product and ensure that iterative decision making does not lead the team away from the goal.

It also helps maintain the confidence of regulators and other stakeholders that the increased development speed and release frequency does not compromise customer experience, information privacy or the robustness of the service.

Architecture within a Devops team is all about decisions made in time, keeping in mind the complex dependencies on other systems and ensuring that any technical debt incurred is sustainable and is remediated before it becomes a significant constraint.

Enterprise Blueprints bring to our clients our Adaptive Architecture method. A method that ensures architecture activities tailored to the new world of Devops can be deployed quickly. Architects and artefacts that instil a mindset of ‘in-process’ governance within pre-approved guard rails. Governance that does not take for ever and get in the way.

Adaptive Architecture responds to the specific needs of each sprint, making architectural expertise and experience completely relevant to the task at hand. Adaptive architecture enables visibility and therefore reuse within the API economy. Reuse accelerates time to market. Adaptive architecture helps this acceleration and ensures that our clients realise value faster.

Benefits of using our Adaptive Architecture

Ensure architectural rigour without slowing down delivery


Knowledge is speed

Our method enables architects to assimilate context quickly and help scrum teams make the right architecture choices


Reference Artefacts

Adaptive Architecture artefacts (policies, principles, designs etc.) helps organisations jump start Architecture for Devops. Light weight, yet robust enough to serve the needs of governance and audit.



Simple processes that maintain and demonstrate alignment with organisational policies and principles build confidence in senior management and regulators that autonomy does not equal anarchy.



A clear, easily accessible log of decisions and actions leads to a better understanding of technical debt and improves resilience of your systems.



Adaptive Architecture enables all your teams to collaborate to discuss and agree on agree on the architecture for their solutions. Greater visibility helps ensure shared thinking and robust delivery.

Why Enterprise Blueprints

Enterprise Blueprints have years of experience working in this industry. We know you can’t always start with a blank slate, so we will work with you to define and tailor the method to make it work for you. The insights and experience of your architects on the ground will shape and crystallise your adoption of the method making sure that the robustness of governance and control is maintained while the day to day experience of a scrum team is dramatically improved.

Adaptive Architecture is easy to introduce into programmes already underway!

Enterprise Blueprints is an established consultancy, able to demonstrate benefits with flexibility and speed. We know you need to see value within weeks not months. We are based in the UK and will assign an experienced team to work with you every step of the journey, from start to successful conclusion of any engagement.

Our architects have extensive experience in the financial services industry and have the expertise to deliver to challenging timelines. We are biased towards action rather than extended discussion and our approach has consistently helped our clients deliver complex projects successfully.

Let's do great work together