The Data Event

Is moving your data forwards, holding you back?

Data, the hardy perennial?

For as long as we have had data processing and information technology the management, ownership, availability and storage of data has been a key challenge.

Over the years there have been a great many solutions with the development of structured databases, through to Big Data approaches, Data Lakes, unstructured data tools, and now with the emergence of Data Mesh.

What is right for you? How does your approach to data enable your business? Does it take you forward or does it hold you back?

Do your current approaches to data limit your business? Are there solutions that make a real difference, or is it more Emperor's New Clothes?


Join us as we share practical experience of implenting data strategies in real businesses.

Listen to Sarah, Peter and Phil share their experiences

  • Uniformity of Data- why it is relevant to you
  • Master Data Management in a Distributed Environment - A walk through an approach to data management
  • The CDO view on the Future of Data - what are the emerging techniques and technologies in relation to data

The Data Event, brought to you by Enterprise Blueprints will address your questions on data and many more.

If you want your business to fully take advantage of the key asset that is your data then this event is for you

You are likely to be a CIO, a CTO, a Chief Architect, a CDO, a CISO or a Product Owner.

The Data Event will be held over Zoom on July 6th at 5.30 pm and will run for one hour. Numbers will be limited to ensure that it is a focused and interactive session so that you will have the opportunity to ask questions and share your views with the speakers.

Hi. I'm Sarah Eaglesfield

"I am a data scientist who has acted as a digital consultant for government and NHS projects during my 25 year career. My work now focuses on artificial intelligence and machine learning."

Sarah E - Event Photo copy

Sarah Eaglesfield


Phil Williams

Hi. I am Phil Williams

"I have 28 years experience of delivering complex data solutions for large corporates & regulated bodies. From working on mass data migrations, through to leading the Architecture, Design & delivery of the UK Open Banking ecosystem."

Hi. I'm Peter Jackson

"I am an award-winning CDO with over 15 years experience of helping organisations utilise data to drive their business forwards!  As the co-author of The Chief Data Officer's Playbook, I am described as globally renowned and an expert in this field. "

Peter J - Event Photo

Peter Jackson

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