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What are The Top Five Challenges in Creating a Large Scale API Ecology?

Just before lockdown, we ran our last live event with Iasa Global featuring Prakash Sethuraman, who at the time was the Global Chief Architect, Digital Technologies, HSBC. Prakash has been at the forefront of enabling an API Ecology for over 30,000 developers in HSBC. With real hands-on experience in this environment, Prakash is perfectly placed to take us on a deep dive of top challenges, and the solutions, in truly exploiting an API ecology.

Prakash recently shared that HSBC believes the bank of the future will be a digital platform, powered by a collection of APIs that enable “truly-connected, multi-channel experiences”. The bank is creating the ability to turn its core banking products, including credit cards, mortgages, and payments, into APIs to develop new offerings.


These are the sessions from the evening’s event.

Part I – Setting the Scene – understanding the context of challenges.

Part II – Building Enthusiasm. How do you create a new organisational mindset across such a diverse group of technologists?

Part III – Gaining Traction – How to get started, build momentum and then optimise.

Part IV – Enabling Participation – Providing tooling that enables the majority.

Part V – Prioritising – Start with real user journeys.

Part VI – Driving Collaboration – Ensure visibility. Support adoption. Focus on QoS.

Part VII – Where do architects fit in all of this?

The API ecology is one of many ways that the playing field of commerce is being democratised and levelled by technology. The barrier to entry into a marketspace is getting lower for start-ups than it ever has been.

The traditional barriers to entry relating to the capital cost of a scalable and robust technology foundation have gone. A cloud-based, API ecology opens doors to markets faster and at a much lower cost. It is possible that the bigger barrier to entry now lies with the traditional players they have to transform the burden of the legacy estate and unpick its associated complexity.

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Who are HSBC?

HSBC is one of the largest banking and financial services organisations in the world, with operations in 65 countries and territories. HSBC has 238,000 employees serving over 40 million customers across 65 countries and territories. HSBC has a community of over 30,000 developers spread across the globe.


Who are Enterprise Blueprints?

Established in 2008, Enterprise Blueprints are a specialist architecture consulting working in financial services and beyond. Working on a wide range of business-critical programmes, Enterprise Blueprints focus on creating powerful business outcomes helping clients solve some of their most complex technology-related problems.

Who are Iasa Global?

Established in 2002, Iasa is an international, non-profit business association focused on the IT architecture profession through the advancement of best practices and education while delivering programs and services to IT architects of all levels around the world. Iasa has created the world’s first and only ITABoK (IT Architecture Body of Knowledge) that contains 250 skill sets that are critical for every Business and IT professional to possess in order to deliver strategic values of technology for the business.

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