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David Taylor

Co Founder

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David co-founded EB in 2008 and throughout his career has shown an exceptional ability to distil the essential elements in complex situations – to see the wood for the trees. David is proud to go against the grain when necessary, and his great energy has helped bring others on board to provide world class enterprise architecture consulting and advice.

David lives by the maxim that building trusted relationships is simple – never promise what you cannot deliver and always deliver what you promise. Initially this may mean turning down work and not going for every opportunity, but over time it deepens and strengthens long term relationships and trust, resulting in greater success and growth.

One of his, and EB’s, core values is contribution. David has a passion for helping empower and develop leaders, whether through coaching and developing leaders within EB, or through sponsoring inspiring leaders to speak in schools.

Old enough to remember a life before computing technology, David loves the availability and immediacy that technology creates. David’s unique skillset has proven invaluable to such high level clients as Deloitte, Barclays, Wipro Technologies, Coop Group, and Lloyds Banking Group, making EB a byword for excellence, plain speaking, and results.


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