Who we are

David Hunt

Chief Architect

Chief Architect and Director at EB since 2012, David is an expert in Digital Banking, Open Banking, Channels and APIs. He believes trust comes from excellent delivery, and has to be earned.  His personal approach has always been to ensure that in the early stages of a relationship, finding simple but valuable deliverables for the client creates a level of trust that can be built on in future phases.

David is well known on the conference circuit as a speaker and thought leader, having been invited to address many EA conferences and vendor events. He is an active researcher in the future of EA in a digital world and has been published in Forbes, as well as being an expert speaker on the topic. A bugbear of David’s is anything new that adds no value to our current technology base.

David’s unique skillset and excellent judgment has seen him work with the following high-value clients: ABM Amro, Sun Microsystems, Parallax, Cap Gemini, Lloyds Bank, Tokyo Mitsubishi, Legal and General, Axa, Guardian Royal, Cisco, Standard Chartered, Credit Suisse, Gartner, GEC, BBVA, JP Morgan, Nationwide, Barclays, Computer Associates, Bank of Ireland, the Home Office, and the Foreign Office.