David is coming

Lean, agile digital businesses have their sights set on established organisations.

They use the latest technology,

They don't play by the rules

They're not held back by legacy

Goliath didnt know what was coming.
But we do.


We are Enterprise Blueprints and we help you meet the challenge of the Davids

We help organisations become more lean, dynamic and agile through technology and architecture.

Over the last 15 years, we've worked with leaders from all sizes of organisations, from Fintech startups to global corporations.

As a technology and IT architecture specialist, we're trusted to solve complex problems for FTSE 250 organisations and beyond.

And working with startups and budding Unicorns has taught us how fast digital businesses move.

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The technology challenge

In our experience, FTSE 250 leaders share many of the same issues when dealing with the threat from agile startups.

Legacy technology holding the organisation back.
Startups and challengers are unencumbered by systems, but ripping up and starting again is rarely the answer.

Struggling to become leaner, more dynamic and agile.
Changing job titles and hoping the culture follows doesn't work.

Lack of access to capability and experience.
When faced with a significant technical, organisational or external challenge, leaders don't have access to the right experience and expertise.


Leaders have tried to meet the challenge with the next new technology in the belief it will solve all the problems in the business.

Or moving to The Cloud is the answer.
Or finding better technology.
Or better talent.

We find that chasing a shiny penny or a silver bullet doesn't work and adds even more complexity.


Digital transformation needs intelligent thinking.

And we believe architecture is the answer to solving the fundamental technology problems in a business.

Why FTSE 250
turn to us

When they join an organisation and need a team to put in place a strategy to rapidly transform their technology.

When their organisation faces a major technical, organisational or external challenge and they don't have access to or can't rely upon a small pool of SMEs with specialist experience.

When a major bottleneck halts change and they need more of the right people to get progress going again.

When they've been let down or find themselves with a system that's not working and they need it fixed, fast.

When a fundamental new technology emerges and they need a steer on direction and strategy.

When they need a team they can trust at the heart of shaping a large scale transformation.


Meeting the challenge

It's time to turn technology to solving problems rather than creating them.

We use architecture to optimise and transform legacy technology, so it doesn't hold you back.

Few organisations have the expertise, experience and process to do what is needed to meet the threat of challengers. We do.

We work with FTSE 250 leaders to:

Fix the fundamentals.
Going back to first principles is the only proven route to long-lasting transformation.

Understand the new rules of the game.
We show you how to navigate the new landscape.

Realise the benefit.
Killing projects too soon is frustrating. Gain buy-in and support to get the results you know will come.

Deliver the drivers for change that matter.
Technology and trends come and go. Identify what matters and make the right moves early.


We believe architecture is the answer to successful problem-solving.

The power of architecture

That's why we live and breathe architecture. Every one of our 40+ architects and specialists brings their "A-game" to our clients' problems. This matters to us.

We've cut our teeth working with major global organisations with the expertise and experience to match. Yet, we're small and responsive enough to be agile and approachable.

You have challenges, so you need results fast. With us, you deal with the decision-makers. Not individuals three or four times removed from achieving the outcome you need.

Everyone says they're passionate about problem-solving. Our results prove it.

The first step to meeting the challenge is a conversation to see whether there is a fit between your needs and our capability.

From there, we can develop a timeline to transform your organisation into one that is more lean, dynamic and agile.

Ready to get started?

Young startups and budding Unicorns are smaller, more agile and unencumbered by legacy technology.

Large organisations that fail to adapt fall like Goliath at the feet of these young Davids.

Most Goliaths don't know what's coming or don't know how to react to challengers who have better tech and refuse to play by the rules.

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