Make Architecture Count

Your personalised Diagnostic Heatmap calibrates your Architecture Function in six categories and identifies opportunities for influence, innovation and action to Make Architecture Count.

Predict Demand | Influence Strategy

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Explore the six pillars of Making Architecture Count in six minutes

Managing an Architecture function can be extremely demanding, leading a team of highly influential team members that are usually in very high demand. It can leave very little time to take a step back and fine-tune the performance of the overall team. Good practice can easily fall by the wayside when times are busy and sometimes the quickest way to get back on track is to check in with some simple questions that go to the heart of the performance of the architecture function.

How can you get on the front foot of innovation, predict and lead the demands of your business partners, lead with influence, be flexible and responsive to needs?

In six minutes you can get your personalised diagnostic heatmap that is free for you to use in your planning and management of your architecture function. Take the test now to calibrate your performance.

Six Pillars To Make Architecture Count



How well are you working with your colleagues across the technology function and with your business partners across the organisation.


Demand Management

A crucial enabler of a successful architecture is being able to confidently and consistently predict demand from the organisation.



The real value of architecture lies in the outcomes that are created. Successful architecture can clearly demonstrate this value and stay with programmes until it is delivered.



A great architecture team is built on a solid foundation of tools, standards and capabilities.



The architecture function is a critical source of innovation in any business, especially with the exponential growth of digitisation.



The leadership of the architecture have to inspire a team of high skilled individuals and at the same time inspire business leaders in the possibilities of technology.

Calibrate your performance across all six of these critical capabilities and get your personalised diagnostic heatmap in six minutes.