We start with you


Our leading Enterprise Architecture consultancy starts with you. You are innovative, you are challenging, you are smart, you think differently. You want to go beyond the norm. You want to create certainty from doubt. You create order from chaos.

Enterprise Blueprints is different. We believe in excellence, integrity, quality and value. We believe in doing things differently. Our confidence allows us to take risk on your behalf.

What does that mean to you?

We deliver high quality technology advice that enables our clients to realise their business or technology outcomes. Our advice is free of any vested interest in implementation services. We are prepared to price our engagements on the outcomes you desire.

We focus on building a long-term trusted relationship

A relationship founded on demonstrable expertise, relevant experience and commitments delivered each and every time.


Commit to delivering results, financially.

We believe in results-oriented consultancy. We will stake a significant portion of our fees on our ability to deliver agreed objectives. Each and every architect in EB shares in this commitment.

Excellent architecture comes from excellent architects

Anyone with some experience in technology design could stake a claim as an architect, and most do. EB is committed to employing only architects that are proficient in our clients’ business domains, have mastered technology, share our passion for excellence, and have the communication and leadership qualities required to effect sustainable change.

Let's do great work together