David is coming

We are Enterprise Blueprints and we help you meet the challenge of the Davids

We help organisations become more lean, dynamic and agile through technology and architecture.

Over the last 15 years, we've worked with leaders from all sizes of organisations, from Fintech startups to global corporations.

As a technology and IT architecture specialist, we're trusted to solve complex problems for FTSE 250 organisations and beyond.

And working with startups and budding Unicorns has taught us how fast digital businesses move.

Digital transformation needs intelligent thinking

And we believe architecture is the answer to solving the fundamental technology problems in a business.

We provide a unique set of architecture solutions for you to build your lean, agile digital business.


Meeting the Challenge

It is time to fix the fundamentals and shape your business for the rules of the new game.

It is time to deliver the drivers for change that matter, the changes that move the needle long term.

We drive the product minded, lean, dynamic and agile business, with seamless access to data, that is secure and resilient in a turbulent world.

We work with FTSE 250 leaders and beyond

Fix the Fundamentals : Going back to first principles the only proven route long-lasting transformation...